Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Springtime around the yard

Well, it's hard to beat a day like today. The sky is the perfect color of blue, it's sunny and it's about 66º right now. Now, I will always take it a bit warmer given the choice, but I can't complain about a day like this. I thought I'd go out and snap a couple pictures around our yard while I had the dogs out this afternoon. They always appreciate the company, or audience depending on how you look at it.

There are lots of things popping up lately around here, which is a sure sign of winter's retreat – finally! This first image is a tiny bright violet color primrose that appeared just in the last day or so in one of my front flower beds. Just a punch of color out of nowhere. I posted the hellebores (or lenten rose) a few entries ago, you might have seen it – they're always first to appear and I love them for that. This little guy is in close proximity to it. It's nice to see some color out there. My mom and I spent the better part of a day last week clearing out all of fall's spent blooms and foliage. I think I had 9 full yard waste bags! At least everything in them was dried and light weight, so the trash collectors couldn't get too upset at the volume. At least not after they lifted one. Only one bed left to do...

Along with a few flowers coming up, the trees have been blooming like crazy. Unfortunately for me, it was rainy for days after my magnolia blossoms opened. The flowers aren't very pretty when they start to turn brown, so I'll spare you pics of those! We do have a Cleveland pear tree in our back yard that is an explosion of white blooms right now. It's pictured to the right.

And of course, a warm sunny day around here always brings out the crazy in our dogs. They were out for a nice spring romp. Connie has the upper hand on Caesar in this pic, but it gets traded back and forth all day long. Seriously, all day long. They don't usually stop rough-housing until around 9 pm. And that's because they've worn themselves out and are ready to recharge for their next match. They just love each other. And if nothing else, they are entertaining!

We will be making treats (Brady's Biscuits) for them in the next couple days using the adorable kit that I bought from Brown Dog Boutique on Etsy. I will have an entire post devoted to that, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, do check out her shop!

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  1. We had a gorgeous day up in Cleveland as well...I love trees that bloom flowers. Well, I love trees and I love flowers, so it's about as perfect as you can get :) The flowers often seem so short lived though. They bloom all down the street I live on (they're planted on the tree lawns here) and, for a very short time, walking down the street is being showered with petals and walking through flowers.



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