Friday, April 17, 2009

Is it wrong to allow a cat set your goals?

This is one of my little furries, Zoey. For the last few months, the papers, supplies, cords and other junk on my desk have been closing in on me. Poor Zo-zo, trying to get comfy, has designated a Michael's bag for her bed away from our bed, which I tossed on the corner of the desk on top of who knows what after buying a magazine. I think. It makes me sad that she doesn't have much room to sprawl out on my desk. (I can feel my husband cringing as I type that, which makes me laugh. He thinks the cats run the house.)

So, I guess Zoey will end up with more surface area sometime over the weekend. This is perhaps the encouragement I need to get this desk cleaned up and organized. Although, if I know her, she'll end looking for her missing bag bed. Maybe I'll put something there that is softer and more comfy for her. I mean, how much room do I really need for a mousepad and keyboard? Yes, he's definitely cringing again.


  1. Aww, cutie pie! Kitties love to sleep on the strangest things. I had a kitty growing up that would sit on my open textbooks while I was doing homework, which I think was her way of telling me I needed a break (to pet her).

  2. Yes, they always know what's best! (And I've made no real progress on my desk. I guess there's always tomorrow for that...) :)



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