Friday, April 3, 2009

Slow shows can still pay off

Yesterday I was out working in the yard with my mom. I came in to a blinking light on the answering machine. I played the message and it was a lady who had seen my jewelry at CraftMafia this past weekend. She was calling to say she'd like to buy a pair of silver earrings I had there Saturday. I tried to call her back a couple times and got no answer and the recording said voicemail was full. So I panicked a little. Then I tried her again this morning. Still no answer, same recording. A little more panicked. My husband told me not to call her (or, stalk her, in his words). I was skeptical. Then I was sitting here early this afternoon and my phone rang and it was her!

I made arrangements to take my jewelry to her house later this afternoon. When I got there and met her, I remembered talking with her the day of the show. She spent quite a
bit of time shopping around there. She told me mine was the only business card she picked up and that she remembered talking to me about the earrings at my booth. It turns out I think I sold the earrings she wanted, but she said, "I'm sure you have something I can buy!" I showed her basically my entire store. She ended up buying "Calling on the Sun" pictured here. She also asked me to come up with some custom designs for her, one of which would be a bracelet the other a wall plaque (? - lol). I told her I'll see what I can come up with and get back to her soon.

I do have a point here other than just talking about a sale. It is that no matter how slow sales are going at a show you never know who will remember you, your jewelry, or whatever it is you're selling. So smile at every potential customer to draw them into your booth, when they get there, engage them. And please, please hand out business cards!

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