Friday, May 1, 2009

The evolution of a custom order

I think it was Tuesday when I met with my custom bracelet customer. (I posted the initial design here a couple posts back.) I didn't have much to go on as far as what she was looking for other than the silver with the Gandhi quote, so I put something together that I liked and took it to show her. I decided as I was leaving the house that I should take some more strands of beads with me, just in case what I had come up with wasn't quite what she was thinking. Good move! She thought the chunky stones were a little large-scale for her, but quickly gravitated to the smooth green garnet chips you see below. I like the way this rendition turned out as well.

She hasn't seen it yet because I'm also working on converting some vintage clip earrings into pierced ones for her. I found the appropriate adhesive and got some instruction from my local bead store gurus, just have to find some posts to use. They happened to be out of stock there. I bet I'll find some on Etsy.

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