Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thinking warm thoughts.

I am not a fan of cold weather. Here in Cincinnati where we live, we get our fair share of sticky, icky, humid hot days over the summer. Often times we seem to skip spring altogether. My husband can't stand it, but I enjoy the hot weather. Maybe I could do without some of the humidity, but I like it hot. I'm one of those unfortunate people who seems to be cold far more often than not.

I really can't complain (yet) because we are actually experiencing a pretty nice autumn this year. Temperatures have been relatively mild so far, mostly in the low 60ºs. Last night was the first truly cold night and I think temperatures were supposed to have dipped into the 20ºs. We've had lots of fall color in the foliage this year. It's been quite beautiful.

Most of my plants have withered or are about to, turning in for their winter rest. I know I should given my flower beds one last weeding and I'm supposed to cut back my perennials and remove spent blooms, but I tend to not get around to that major chore. Perhaps it's me trying to hold onto summer or it could just be shear laziness and loss of daylight hours. I tell myself "remember on Martha Stewart, that one time she said to leave the stalks and dried flowers for 'winter interest". Something like that. I took it to heart, whatever it was exactly. One last purple cone flower peeped out from under the dried leaves this week. Every once in a while my laziness is rewarded.

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